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Sunday, August 15, 2010

you can have it all, just not all at once...unless you are me

so i am in a hotel in north carolina and made my first good choice in 2 days. yesterday we spent about 12 hours on the road and with a time crunch we stopped at some not so good places to eat. not to say that i did not have good choices, i just failed to make them. i did that autopilot thing again where i just eat without thinking and when i do think about it and tell myself to put it down somehow it still makes it to my mouth. i was stressed out and tired and feeling a little anxious and decided to stuff myself to a point well past fullness that i haven't felt in 2 weeks. i didn't like it. and all that work i did leading up to this is a joke if i don't keep moving forward in a positive way. i knew last night that i would not make a repeat of yesterday again. it does not matter if i am on vacation, i can eat yummy things, in moderation and partner them with super good things that are good for me as well. i have done it before and i can do it again.
this am we hit to the road to myrtle beach and i started with a high protien breakfast of an english muffin with a tbsp of peanut butter and some banana and i had some scrambled eggs. decaf coffee and skim milk. i am back on track.
one of bethenney's rules is you can have it all just not all at once and that means if you want some cheeseburger have one(a half would be better) but just don't get the fries, add a salad or some veggies, or better yet get something better for you and have a bite of someone else's burger. then if i find i am not cutting my burger in half or i go into autopilot and start shoving cold chicken nuggets in my face because they are there i have to remember the other rule about checking myself before i wreck myself . i am in control of me, my emotions, although strong, do not feed me...i do.
determined girl out, peace

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