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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

so, yeah...i'm going to have to have you stop eating

I went to the dr becasue i know i have fatty infiltrate in my liver and i have a complex mass on my thyroid (ahh the joys of being able to ultasound myself) and he ran a full blood panel and my thyroid is ok(thank goodness) but my liver is not. dammit liver. i have elevated liver enzymes, which i pretty much figured and my cholestrol is stupid high and my good cholesterol is wicked low. i also should mention i am heavier than i have ever been. so the dr told me to go on south beach. i have never wanted to and i have resisted for a while, but i am really screwed right now so i started southbeach yesterday. i am down 5 pounds...that is right...in one day. of course that may just be a testament to how bad i normally eat. i can tell you when i knew i was going to start on monday i used saturday to eat everything i saw. i had a tubbys mushroom steak and cheese sub, cheesesticks, and breaded mushrooms, i have several icy cold coca colas and double cheeseburger a few garlic knots and a whole medium pizza with bacon...yes i ate the whole thing. sunday i felt sooo bad i coulnd't even look at fried food. i had a salad for lunch and then i did have some dirty rice and i can't remember what else for dinner, but i definately slowed down my eating.
so yesterday for day one of southbeach i had...i don't remember what for breakfast then i had soup for lunch some celery with peanut butter, and asston of pickles and cheese and for dinner i had a kickass sheperds pie from south beach with edamame and cauliflower and it was soooo good. oh i had some v8 as well as a few glasses of milk.
so far today i have had an omelet that i put giardieniera and cheese in(sounds weird but it was so good) coffee without cream(yes i did that) and now for lunch i am having leftover kickass pie and some milk. i feel satisfied. only day 2 but i am starting this out as positive as i can.

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