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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase

So this was a product i got to try through bzzagent.com.
The promise was less wrinkles in 14 days of continues and perfect use(not their words, mine). i did try my best to use the cream morning and night but mostly failed at the nighttime portion...when it's time for momma to sleep it's time for momma to sleep.
i took a before and after pic of my eye area, but there really is no need to post because there was not really any change to see. maybe i am beyond wrinkly repair...which makes me cry because i am only 37, and crying makes the situation worse in any case.
but before you think this is a rant, let me say i really do love this cream. First of all, it has a 30spf! i have to have facial cream with sunscreen so this is a big plus for me. but i also need it to do its job and i will say this cream makes my face feel baby bottom smooth...i adore it. it's not greasy and you don't need to use a ton and those are both big plusses in my book. (did the word plusses look very strange to you too?)
the eye cream i could kind of do without. i was careful not to use too close to my eyes but it seemed to get into my eyes anyway, maybe that is a fault in the way i apply it, not sure. it's not that the cream itself was bad, my eyes may have looked a little brighter, but since they were stinging and filled with my normal mom tiredness anyway it was hard to tell. i'm sure it would be a good eye cream for some but it just isn't for me.
all that being said i give the 30spf facial moisturizer a big thumbs up and i will be using it instead of my olay for now.

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