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Friday, August 6, 2010

attack of the popcorn

yesterday wasn't too bad. let me say now that i just finished the first part of naturally thin. basically this is the section of the book where she tells you diets are for the birds and she gives you her 10 rules that you need to learn to be a naturally thin person. this second half of the book is the actual "plan". it is not a diet, but basically there is chapter for each day of the week where she kind of walks you through what you should be doing without actually telling you what to eat. I'm starting this chapter today.
just after reading the first half and trying to implement some of the rules i have lost 3 pounds since monday (it's friday). maybe that is retained water, you never know, i haven't touched any soda this week and barely any salt...oh until last night and the popcorn incident (we will get to that in a minute). anyway, water or not, 3 pounds is a decent way to start considering i have not been dieting.
so what did i eat yesterday?
breakfast: totally was not into yesterday but ate a bowl of high fiber cereal. i don't know what it is about cold cereal, but it is like chinese food and it just sets my hunger off and hour later. i think i won't do that anymore.
lunch: some progresso soup. after all the fresh food i was eating this week it actually tasted kind of oily...
snack: 8 grain sandwich thin with some spinach artichoke hummus
snack 2: mmm me time with a skinny mocha, i will alert you at this time that these are decaf. i make them with my cold brewer and they are just fantastic. i really don't think i could get through the day without them.
dinner: steak fajita quesadillas, made at home with 100 calorie tortillas, lean steak, peppers, onions, mushroons sauteed in the rest of the lime vinaigrette from yesterday...so yummy. i broke the don't clean your plate rule and ate the whole thing. it was too delish, but the calorie and fat count were low so i am not beating myself up.
oh here is where things get sketchy...
my sister and i went to the library because we were in this summer reading program and they do this drawing at the end (we both won by the way which was sweet) and the dude librarian comes out with freaking klondike bars and says, and i quote, "dive in!" so i did. it is ok to have whatever you want but you are not supposed to have more than one sweet a day and my mocha counts as that, so i should have skipped the klondike, but it was yummy and i am ok with it. anywho, husband wanted me to pick him up some hot buttered movie theatre popcorn on the way home, bastard. but since i am not supposed to be afraid of any food, i picked it up, and i didn't feel too bad for having a few bites, but then a few bites turned into a few handfuls...plus i was watching a movie so i was mindlessly and repeatedly putting my hand back into that bucket without actually enjoying the popcorn for what it was. oh well, i can't say that will never happen again. i have only been working on this for a few days now and i don't really think this was a set back. even if i did think that, i am not supposed to because whoops, right in the middle of this thought i had to take the dog out to poop so now i am totally sidetracked....
whatever, it is self something or other to tell myself that i screwed up and it could just eat to worse things. naturally thin people eat a little too much popcorn now and again, and they dont' freak about it so neither will i.

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