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Monday, August 2, 2010

today is the first day....

here i am armed with a home made skinny mocha, a copy of bethenney frankel's naturally thin, and a bunch of chewed on nails. i was looking in the mirror as i was sitting at my bedside and realized that my boobs actually sit on my stomach. i look like i have an innertube attached to the front half of my body. i could set drinks or snacks on it and in actuallity i probably have. in the mirror behind me i see my husband, looking handsome and svelte and for some reason he can still be attracted to me, but i just can't be anymore. frankly i have always been my own biggest fan, but i find i am moving down on the charts on a daily basis. it is just time. i am ready.
i am a big, big girl..almost two big girls, and one of us has to go...so this is my journey...
if you are reading this, just know, i hate capital letters. no idea why, i just do. my grammar may not be perfect, nor my spelling. my language will be off color at times and i am sure to be slightly offensive. but i mean well...

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