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Monday, August 2, 2010

frankel and beans

so i thought i would give a little background as to why this fat chick chose "naturally thin" to try to get herself under control. well these things are true about me: i hate counting calories, i hate measuring, i hate weighing foods, i hate adding up points, i am lazy, i like real food, i am a binger, i am a grazer, my portion sizes are out of control, i hate supplements and shakes and tiny little meal replacement bars. i have tried nutrisystem, atkins, weight watchers, south beach, you on a diet, a meal replacement program and every odd and end diet in every issue of every magazine. i crash and burn on all of them. most of them leave me feeling deprived and don't leave me feeling even a little bit better about myself. sure i have lost weight on all of them, but after years, i am heavier than i have ever been.
so i'm totally a bethenny frankel fan from the martha stewert apprentice and from real housewives of new york and now bethenny getting married. she is skinny as hell but has  fantastic figure and i like how she uses the word "balls" all the time. well i knew she had the skinny girl margarita and i vaguely remembered her having a "not a diet" book out so i decided to check it out the other day at the bookstore.
the first chapter had me hooked. she basically has these 10 rules that are totally common sense but somehow you need someone like her to tell you to do it and you feel like, "ok, why the eff not?"
they only thing i am not sure of is that i am not allowed to blame anyone else for my eating habits...dammit....one of my rules in life is not to be held accountable for my own actions...puts a crimp in that plan.
anyway, it is only my first day of reading and therefore trying to change my lifestyle, which is good because i already broke two of the 4 rules i have gotten through so far. the first being not to eat while doing anything else (i was eating buttered popcorn while reading that chapter). the next was eating while i was cooking, but, well, i just wasn't ready yet. i did however eat a huge salad before my pizza and i did one thing i have never done before, which is not cut into the second pizza.
so long post, but i thought i should maybe be tracking my eating habits so here are the results for today:
breakfast: yoplus yogurt and a skinny iced mocha i make at home
lunch: lean pocket and fruit salad (thanks candie)
snack: air popped buttered popcorn (not a lot of butter, but real butter nonetheless)
dinner: mixed green salad with cucumber and carrot and italian vinaigrette and then 7, yes, 7, slices of pizza. homemade thin crust with a light fresh tomato sauce, light cheese, mushrooms and the most adorable mini turkey pepperonis.
so overall i don't think it was too bad. while i was overeating my pizza i was very aware i was doing it. and now that it is several hours later i still feel full and sick. that is something i have to remember for next time.
full girl is out, peace


  1. Just curious, what time do you eat dinner? Is it later in the evening?

    I think I'm going to adopt your rule about not being held accountable for anything I do, that will make life much more fun! :-)

  2. i try to keep my dinner around the same time each night, between the 5:30 and 6:30 hours. if i eat too early then i want to eat something later, if i eat too late i go to bed feeling like crap.