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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i like my rice dirty

so i accomplished something pretty amazing for me last night, but i will get to that in a minute. let me start by saying that i am down another pound! that makes 5 in 8 days. not too shabby. anyway, that is just from reading the first half of the book. i have had a hectic few days and have not picked it up in awhile, but never fear my dear frankel i will be back. i am feeling pretty positive, which is a fete in iteself.
on to yesterdays good eats
skipped breakfast again, just was not into it and i got into this weird nesting mode where i needed to gut my kitched cupboards and spruce the place up. i did down a ton of water.
lunch was a 6" turkey sub from subway, loaded with veggies. it was on italian, i don't do the whole wheat ther ebecause it has high fructose corn syrup in it and oddly the white doesn't. oh well, score for me. i also did not have the subway lady scoop out the extra bread for me as she already looked pissed that i made her come make me a sub instead of cleaning the tables as she was doing when we walked in. i did have cheese on it but skipped the oil part of the oil and vinegar. also had a bag of baked lays, i am freakin in love with those. i have to get the small bag and then let the spawn share a few. if you ever saw me with a full size bag you would understand...
dinner was where the amazing thing happened. first i had a heaping salad with some balsamic vinaigrette and some gorgonzola. then i had dirty rice made with turkey and not beef. ok i LOVE dirty rice. i usually eat it on inhale mode after dousing it with salt and rooster sauce (siracha for those of you who are not me) anyway, i eat it until the pan is gone. i dont' even register that i am eating it, i just need to keep going and going. so last night i filled my bowl with a modest amount, still with rooster and salt, and i savored it. i paid attention to each bite and enjoyed it. i was full after one bowl and did not have seconds! i couldnt believe myself.  of course today i ate the leftovers for luch without a salad first and i did finish them off, but whatever...i did it once and now i know i can do it again.
then later in the night i had my mocha while watching pineapple express...too funny. maybe seth rogan is a little overrated but james franco in that movie is hilarious. i also love the fight scene at red's house. i was loling all by my little lonesome.
tired girl out, peace


  1. I had that rice for dinner tonight with turkey tacos. I keep forgetting how good that is. Do you put the meat right in it? I'm having leftovers tomorrow for dinner so I might try that.

  2. yes i cook it basically to package directions. so i brown the ground turkey and then add 2.5 cups water let boil add seasoning bring back to a boil and then cover and simmer for 25 minutes. don't even lift the lid to check on it. so easy and so yummy and really, aside from not being "natural" it is decent for you. at least not real bad. i do like it on it's own as well just as a side.