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I really do scream for ice cream

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

already over it

so i wrote this long ass post about this shitty stuff that happened today and then i went back and read it and even though it was all true and it felt good to write it, i am over it all ready. sometimes you see what people are really made of, yourself included. you learn to love people more and not worry about others so much. if you know me, that is a big deal for me to even say.
so anyway, i wanted ice cream...on top of a cheeseburger and fries to dip in it and then to wash it down with a chocolate shake. wait wait wait, i want a hamburger with peanut butter on it and fries on the side that i can dip in a chocolate shake. nope that isn't it either. i still want the hamburger with peanut butter on  it but i just want an icy cold coca cola to go with it. well some of the calories whittled away, but the emotional bad eating need did not. my whole point is that i didn't eat anything. i recognized why i wanted the bad stuff or not so much bad, just that i wanted anything at all, and then i checked myself. did i really want that stuff because i wanted it, or because i needed to fill some kind of emotional gap. after a few tug of wars with my stomach and my heart, i realized it was emotional and had nothing to do with any of those foods. right now while i am writing i am hungry, real hunger, but that is because it is almost dinner time. that actually makes me feel good.

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  1. Good for you!!

    From the book I"m reading:
    "But the fast track up and out of physicality has become maladaptive for 2 main reasons: it truncates our ability to feel and therefore to move through the situations that arise in our lives. When we are bowled over by grief and our response is to eat a pizza, we halt our ability to move through the grief as well as our confidence that it won't destroy us. If you don't allow a feeling to begin, you also don't let it end."
    Since you worked through the feelings without food, you put an end to the negativity and didn't need the food anymore. GOOD FOR YOU!!