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I really do scream for ice cream

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

check yourself before you wreck yourself

i have often said that, but never to myself. i am going to start. and i have to share something...i feel calm. usually before i start a diet or a some other food related change, i am terrified. i make sure i know what day i am going to start and then i go out and eat all the food that i know i am no longer able to have. i must gain like 10 pounds just getting ready to lose. i hate being told what i can't have anymore. it's almost like the death of a friend. and then if i go too long without something i end up binging like a mad woman. i think i will not do that anymore. eating the "naturally thin" way, there are no foods off limits. i can still have ice cream, but i have to choose to do it, weigh out my options and eat just enough (bethenny suggests eating treats like ice cream and chips and such in a ramekin to keep portions just right). i like that she says she is not afraid of avacado anymore and can eat a few bites because she knows she will see it again. i think that is brilliant. i am soo terrified when i eat something delish and not exactly good for me that i can never have it again, i eat it all, and lick the damn plate. i don't think i have to do that anymore. no food is going away. i can have it. i just have to learn how to have it.


  1. Good for you!!! I started Weight Watchers and have lost 12 lbs in a little over a month!! I don't deprive myself of anything. (and I'm not militant about keeping track of my points either) I like having the support of other women who are on the same journey. I just couldn't do it on my own and needed to be held accountable! Heaven forbid I go to a meeting without losing or even worse gaining!! There's just something about getting on someone else's scale that seems to work for me!!

  2. my brother in law has done AMAZING on ww. i can't beleive the difference in him. and 12 pounds is awesome!!! i used to do real well on ww because of that weigh in. plus i had two friends doing it with me. i found when they quit though i no longer had the motivation. i love having a support system but i really have to learn that i don't NEED others to get to teh point where i need to be. i used to blame others because they weren't helping me out, but they weren't the ones stopping me.
    i love though that i have close friends and family struggling along with me (ok well not the struggle part) but i love that we can all talk about it and be there for each other.