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I really do scream for ice cream

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i don't have it anymore. sure it's been only a week and that is some big talk, but i am a big girl. it used to be when i would start a diet and husband would say, hey let's go out to dinner, i would almost pee my pants. what the hell was i going to do with all those options? there are bad bad things on there and i can't stop myself from ordering them. and there are not ingredients or calorie counts listed so what is there for me?
with this naturally thin thing i can eat anything, i just have to make my choices. we went to rainforest cafe last night for dinner and it was totally easy. i started with a salad with balsamic dressing and then i had the tuscan chicken. yes i did eat the whole thing of mashed potatoes, but it amounted to about a baked potato and it was delish and it made me happy without making me too full. the chicken was grilled and also delish topped with cucumbers and olives. i didn't clean either of my plates, salad or dinner, so i acutally got through a rule. i knew i wanted a few bites of dessert so i didn't eat teh bread that came with my salad, i gave it away right away. i thought it might taste good, but not as good as that chocolate brownie i wanted to get my mouth on. so i ate a little more dessert than i anticipated, but i dont' think i went overboard like i usually would and i got up to take daughter number 2 to the bathroom before the plate was empty and i told husband to have what was left covered before we returned and he complied. overall i think i was on the track to success. it will get easier with time.
oh i should mention i had a mocha for breakfast and for lunch i had...what did i have, oh yeah, the left over quesadillas. i had no snacks yesterday because i just never felt the need.
i also lost one more pound. that makes 4 this week.


  1. Have you thought about allowing yourself a cheat day? I did that when I was on WW and it worked. A cheat day during the weekend and a "treat" on Wednesday ie ice cream a brownie, something not low fat or fat free. That would make the "healthy" days a little easier because I had something to look forward to.
    Good job at the restaurant. I LOVE that place! The food is so good!!!

  2. i did that when i was on weight watchers as well, but the beauty of this is that i don't need a cheat day because i can eat whatever i want, just not all at once. i have to train myself to eat like a thin person and not need a cheat day at all. i have had ice cream twice this week and even some popcorn and ate my normal healthy type dinners and lost 4 pounds(i did break a few rules, so i am assuming once i get used to following them all i will be doing even better)