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Sunday, August 8, 2010

babytastrophes and shopping while hungry and stressed

well yesterday started out well enough. i just wasn't feeling breakfast and must have had a million gallons of water instead.
lunch was good. i made this big heaping salad, but didn't like what i dressed it with, so rather than force feeding it to myself just because it was good for me, i took some of the spinach leaves from it and put it on a hamburger along with some salsa and put that on one of those slim sandwich things. at this time i will have to give a shout out to all of these types of breads. i am a white bread lover, and i do mean lover. i sometimes feel i will die if i don't have a piece of soft or chewy white bread covered in butter or peanut butter. so when these thin little sandwich rounds started popping up i had my doubts. but i adore them. i can eat whole wheat or 8 grain or full o freakin nuts or whatever and i really like them! they are great with burger!
ok so that was lunch.
then my youngest decided to have a head butting fight with a door and mayhem insued. we took her to the hospital where she was quite the trooper and she ended up with only one stitch, but if you are a momma or a daddy and reading this, you know that it probably hurt me much worse then it hurt her.
so we hadn't eaten dinner yet and we promised her cake for being a good girl. my husband kept suggesting horrible resturants to go to, but i really wanted a hot dog so we stopped at one of those fresh fruit market type places and got our shopping on. never shop hungry, or depressed, but somehow i think we did ok. yes we filled our carts with everything we saw, but we planned it not for that night but for other meals as well. something i have never tried to do before, but dammit it worked.
so my dinner ended up a little something like this: mixed salad with gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette, a chicken hotdog with mustard on a scooped out bun (thank you ms frankel) satisfied my need for white bread but minus alllll of the guilt. then some sushi, yes i had hotdogs salad and sushi..totally makes sense right?
finished it all off with a berry mousse with amazing fresh berries on top. i count that as my sweet snack for the day. i did clean my plate, my bad, but considering what i usually eat after trauma like watching your 2 year old daughters head bleed like something out of lord of the flies, i did freaking awesome!


  1. I"m curious as to what your book says about exercise. Does she cover it at all or haven't you gotten to that part yet?

  2. I love those sandwich thins!! I like them better toasted though. The other day I used a wrap instead of a bun for a turkey brat/sausage thingy and it was pretty tasty! Sort of fell of the diet wagon this weekend. I refuse to worry about what I'm eating and drinking at a function like a class reunion and God only knows how many points I consumed in beer at the beer tent. LOL But I'm not beating myself up about it. I figure I need to have some french fries or whatever now and again as long as I eat healthy the majority of the time!
    Give Evie a kiss for me!

  3. she has barely touched on exercise yet. i think this book is more about the eating of it all. i know she just came out with an exercise dvd though

  4. I am finding that i love going to the y to work out! thought i would hate it! the computer spits out my workout and off i go. and yes, i do curse those tiny little bitches going to town on the treadmill or stepper! ;)