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I really do scream for ice cream

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

breaking the coke(a cola) habit

i have done it for little stints here and there but an icy cold mcdonalds coca cola is calling my name right now. i don't know if it is just because i am seriously broke right now and dealing with a little anxiety and my intense need for comfort food that i don't have around the house, or if there really is something about that little drink that makes me have to have it.
i am serioulsy thinking of running and getting one...oh and i have cramps as well and that doesn't help.
i read another chapter of naturally thin today and i thought i was feeling all inspired and strong, and then i just broke down.
here is the damage i have done so far today, with no end in sight:
no breakfast
lunch: salad with leftover steak, pita, cukes, carrots and honey lime vinaigrette homemade
snack: pretzles with hummus, then some more pretzles and then a few more. i actually left a couple in the bag, but not many
dinner: steak soft tacos...4 of them. yes 4 of them. sure they were small, and i only used 3 thin strips of beef on each one, no sour cream and plenty of salsa, but i still devoured 4 of them and i wasn't even that hungry. i just want to eat today. i dont want a damn salad, i don't want anymore pretzles, i want something like mashed potatoes or a hamburger and a chocolate shake...at least one freaking icy cold coca cola!!!


  1. It's probably related to the cramps. I (or used to before getting pregnant) need certain foods during "that time" of the month. I would just try to eat something like one cupcake or a candy bar or some smaller version of something I am craving. How about getting a small coke? Then again, with every size being $1, it's kind of hard to justify getting a small instead of a large. Sorry, I have no words of wisdom tonight, I'm too damn tired. Good luck!

  2. you know what? i drove to mcd's because the girls wanted a treat and i told myself i was going to get a small coke. but then i thought to myself i really shouldnt give in. but i wanted some form of treat so i thought i would get a plain ice cream and decaf coffee but at the speaker order thingie i somehow decided on a medium mocha frappe. um yeah, i should have just gotten a large coke. that think was over 500 calories? jesus? i could have gotten a happy meal for that kind of numbers!
    and the worst part is, it was not what i wanted in the first place, it did not satisfy me, and it wasn't that great.
    if i really wanted the coke, i should have gotten the small coke, drank a few swallows and been done with it. it would have put the fire out and i would have felt soft and fluffy and happy with a little fizz in my belly...but at least i can chalk this up to lesson learned.

  3. Those damn spur of the moment things get me every time too! I will go somewhere all full of good intentions, look at some delicious looking picture on the menu and throw all those good intentions out the window. Damn.

  4. here is something fun. i estimated my calories for today using spark people and with that damn frappe i am at about 2165 calories! i would have had a decent 1600 calorie day without it. of course to be fair i would have snacked anyway, probably the small coke or that sundae with a coffe, but still that would have brought me in under 2000

  5. I had a hard time cutting out coke at the beginning of doing weight watchers. But then I realized that a 12oz can was only 3 points so I would allow myself to have one a day. Now I don't even buy it and I have done ok. I would be losing more weight if I could manage to somehow drink enough water each day! But there are days that I feel like gagging rather than have a glass of water! Time to get back on track after my UP s'mores and ice cream trip!!

  6. Maybe next time you are thinking about getting a Coke, look up the nutritional info online first. That has stopped me in my tracks in the past, especially for dinner. Sometimes we just say f*ck it, but if you put some thought into it first, I'll bet you'll stop yourself 75% of the time which will add up after a while.

  7. yes you are right. it has helped me at times. that is why i love mcd's having nutritional menus right in the store...it really does help...when i am not saying f*ck it;)