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Thursday, August 12, 2010

day 11, down 6 pounds

pretty cool.
problem is i was doing so well and patting myself on the back and all that and thinking "wow, this is so easy this time" then i think i crashed and burned yesterday.
i found myself a little on the binge side of eating. i did my best to stop it, and when i found myself saying that i had already screwed up for the day so i might as well keep on trucking, i knew that i couldn't and stopped myself from going any further. it wasn't easy. it exhausted me. it was literally being in a boxing ring and not actually punching but doing that little jog thing where you just try to stay out of the other gloves way.
so here is what i ate
breakfast: found a slim fast protein bar in the cupboard and ate that because i was actually hungry in the am. washed it down with a cup of skim milk.
lunch: ikea lunch again, but this time i went the salmon route with some kind of veggie cake thingies and then a few bites of a thin torte that i shared with the kids
then the cookies happened or what i call snack: bought the kids some cookies while in the store to keep them happy. i really wanted to try one so i did, and then that led to like 4 more. what the hell. i was like on autopilot. felt crappy about it
dinner: we talked about food for a long time on the way home and it had me craving a million bad things and i ended up at taco bell. i had cheesy nachos (which i shared with the kids and the few i did eat were doused in salsa from home) then i had a fresco soft taco with beef and then i tried one of the carnitas cantina tacos...which was horrible by the way so i only took 2 bites and moved on. sure you may not think that sounds that bad but i had purchased a mcd's hamburger for my littlest one and she only took a few bites, so once again, on autopilot, i shoved that thing in my mouth. i would have tried to get the other daughters cheese roll up, which i don't even like, but luckily she wouldnt' let me have a bite and when she wasn't looking the dog ate them so i couldn't.
after all that i still felt hungry. i wanted to snack so bad. but i knew i had had enough for the day so i went through another phantom boxing match and won.
god i really want cheddar and sour cream potato chips right now.....
help me

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  1. Do you like sugar snap peas? That's my fall back when I'm craving a crunchy snack. I swear I can down a whole pound of them in one sitting though! they certainly don't take the place of bbq chips, but they do seem to settle the craving. I also keep some of those 100 calorie packs of cookies in the house and they seem to do the trick when i'm craving cookies. i'm really missing my ice cream, but the weight watchers giant fudge bars and giant latte bars are very yummy! meijer makes a giant fudge bar also that is only 80 calories and it's a little cheaper. some nights i have 2! ;) down about 12 pounds so far here!!