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Thursday, August 19, 2010

epic fail they name is myrtle beach

ok so after my last inspiring blog about how i knew that i could forward positively, i ate my body weight at a seafood buffet roughly the size of a walmart with full size ships in the middle hosting every kind of fried seafood available.
the decent news is i only gained 3 pounds back, proving the south really does rise again. i really thought i would gain all 6 back with a few extra just to prove how awesome my eating habits were down there.
the even better news is that i am not going to throw everything away just because i binged out this weekend. i am back to reality and willing to start over, or i guess continue after this little bump in the road (ok not really a bump, more like one of the mountain tops in west virginia).
i'm going to dig my nose back into naturally thin and start with the weekly plan. i think i will also start to focus on one rule a day to really try to learn it, and own it.
determined girl out, peace


  1. if you think ofn it as a mountain top then you must scale it, dont expend unnecessary energy, go for the bump visual and know that bumps happen. stop starting over and start living.
    yes you can determined grrrl, just tweek your phrasing in your head. POSITIVE thinking has PHYSICAL EFFECTS at the cellular level, it is imperative that you remember this!

    stay on it sister

    sarah clark via heather michalski

  2. I don't view it as a fail. I view it as life! As long as you're not eating your body weight in fried food every week, no harm done!! That's how I've managed to be successful thus far. When I went to the fair with Luke I had an elephant ear and didn't feel the least bit guilty about it!! Reality is that you will go to birthday parties and have a piece of cake, and go to dinner and have some french fries! So, don't beat yourself up! ;)