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Monday, August 23, 2010

how am i doing now?

to answer your question...wait let me run and hit the scale...oh not as bad as i thought. i am currently down 4 pounds from my starting weight so at least i haven't gained it all back. i have not been doing very well at all. i have followed basically one rule and that is to not clean my plate. i also have been having it all but not all at once, but i have been eating a bunch of crap, at least smaller portions of it. today i will get back on track. i am going to follow the weekly guide and push through it. i have to look kick ass by halloween, ok at least closer to kick ass, so i can rock my costume. and yes i will be dealing with one rule a day, or maybe two, that seems doable. i did it for 2 weeks before so i should be able to do it for more this time.
damn mcdonalds for having those awesome little storybook madame alexander dolls that i am addicted to...i need to get them all before they are gone. but one nice thing about that is i have been ordering happy meals for myself  and finding they are totally satisfying. that is far less than what i would normally eat from that place so i count this as a win of epic proportions:)
denial girl is out, peace

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  1. Ughhhh.... Luke and I stopped for fast food on our way home from the UP and do I ever feel like crap! I was ok after Burger King - grilled chicken on ciabatta with mustard instead of mayo and french fries, and diet coke....but taco bell had me feeling like crap! It's amazing how a few days of vacation can get you completely derailed!!