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I really do scream for ice cream

Saturday, August 28, 2010

yesterday and today

no breakfast
lunch at mcdonalds - side salad with balsamic vin. angus snack wrap that i scraped the mayo off of and only one stolen chicken nugget from my girls
snack - coffee with one cream
dinner - all you can eat bbq at youngers, but not only did i not eat all i could eat, i didnt even eat all i wanted to eat which is a big step. i had a small chicken breast, 2 pork ribs, couple bites of beans, some kick ass potato salad, vinegar based cole slaw and a slice of watermelon and a bite of cornbread. oh i did bite husbands pizza...soo good there.
not too bad of a day
today could have been better, but still not too bad
breakfast - nonfat iced mocha from mcd's and an egg mcmuffin. yes i had an egg mcmuffin but let me tell you that bad boy is loaded with protein for the calories it packs and it actually is a nice rounded breakfast. i also only ate half the ham
lunch - we tried out chube's a new place in town with an unfortunate name. LOVED it. husband and i split a beef sandwich on sour dough with peppers and onions and fresh provalone. they use all organic and hormone free kind of stuff there...oh it was so good. we also split a small bag of bettermade bbq chips...sigh. then i had a small cup of ice cream...no cone...but this ice cream is the real stuff, heavy and creamy and it had miniature buckeyes in it so i am sure it was loaded with no good, but according to frankel, might as well have the real stuff in moderation. i think i would have done her proud today. oh and splitting a sammy and side with the husband is totally frankel fashion and the nice people behind the counter split it for us so i didn't even have to worry about it.
dinner is where i might have done a bit of damage. bucemis pizza, 3 slices, and we are talking deep dish here. i will interject at this time that ususally i eat way more than 3 slices so i am heading toward a better place. but then i had an ass ton of bbq baked lays. i need to watch baked lays because they will be the death of me being naturally thin.
the husband and children are camping out in the backyard tonight and making some smores...i won't be partaking because frankly i am full, and i already had ice cream today so i don't need anymore sweets. looking forward to a quiet house to sleep in...


  1. There's just something about the word "baked" in front of a bag of chips that seems to make it seem ok to eat the whole darn bag! I have the same issue!!

  2. What does the book you're reading say about eating in restaurants for every meal? LOL. Seriously, that's not good for you, way too much sodium even if you are not eating "bad" foods.

  3. actually, since she is crazy new york business woman she eats out quite a bit. we only eat out on the weekends really so it is not too much. husband has been real good about splitting my meals with me and i have lost another pound this weekend as a matter of fact.
    oh my goodness i know what you are saying about the sodium though...i am a puff bag

  4. WTF?? Where have you been? I look forward to reading your posts and you stop. :-(